Servicing and repairs of turbochargers

We repair all turbochargers on the market::

    • We purchase original spare parts directly from turbocharger manufacturers.
    • We perform repairs of the ČZ and PBS Turbo turbochargers in an exchange manner.

Repairs of turbochargers:

Balancing machine

A guarantee for a high quality of our repairs is the separately counterbalanced shaft of the turbocharger. We balance shafts on original balancing machines of the German brand “Schenck”.

At present our company has two balancing machines of this brand.

Schenck CAB 700 TB balancing machine – for small rotors
Schenck CAB 803 balancing machine – for large rotors


Our company owns special testing equipment for the checking of functionality of the bearing centre – MRV-2. During this test, rotor speed is assessed, rotor vibration value is ascertained, seals are checked for oil leakage and a short running-in of bearings is carried out. For turbochargers with an electronic regulation system we can offer the testing of their electronic valve on the electronic testing equipment which is considered as a top European technology in this area. For the cleaning of surfaces of parts of turbochargers we use a sandblasting process in a blasting box.

Types of overhauls:

      • Turbocharger inspection – complete cleaning, testing on the MRV II testing stand and setting of the regulation valve.
      • Basic repair (against oil leakage) – original repair set, new bearings, piston rings, seals, etc. We perform furthermore the rotor balancing, cleaning and testing on the MRV testing stand. After testing on the testing stand, a Test Report on the 100% quality of the turbocharger repair is issued.
      • Large repair (in the case of a shaft damage) – we will use a new bearing centre for the turbocharger (this means the entire new inner part of the turbocharger – rotor, compressor wheel and central box with bearings).

The repair price calculation Is only carried out after dismantling of the turbocharger and depends on the type of damage. The dismantling and visual inspection of a turbocharger are free of charge at our facility. The term of repair is till the next day on a standard basis. Subject to an agreement, we are able to carry out a repair of a turbocharger on the same day as well. For a proper operation of all types of turbochargers we offer a complete range of advisory services.

NEW original turbocharagers in stock

Garrett by Honeywell, Borg Warner Turbo Systems (KKK & Schwitzer), Holset, Mitsubishi, IHI.