Servicing of large turbochargers


PBS Turbo Turbochargers

We are the exclusive authorised servicing facility for large PBS Turbo turbochargers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We offer the PBS Turbo turbochargers in an exchange manner.

Original Parts & Original Service

We use original spare parts from the PBS Turbo turbocharger manufacturer.
Discounts for long-term cooperation.
Complete turbocharging advice.
You can save a lot of money by using our original high quality replacement parts that enable you to take advantage of the best of your turbocharger.



We make repairs mainly of these turbochargers:

PBS Turbochargers:

NR17, NR20, TCR12, TCR14, TCR16, TCR18, PDH16, PDH25ZV, PDH35ZV, PDH50V, PDH50ZV, PDH70ZV, PTD230AH, PTD280AH, PTD281, PTR180...


- ABB turbochargers: RR131,RR151,TPS44,TPS48,TPS52


Turbochargers for GE Jenbacher

Besides other activities, we deal with servicing of turbochargers for the GE Jenbacher engines . We are able to ensure servicing of such turbochargers as NR17, NR20 on the GE Jenbacher engines in the countries as - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, Denmark, Slovenia, etc.

ABB, KBB and Napier turbochargers

Our specialisation covers also the ABB, KBB and Napier turbochargers, etc., where we have belonged, on a long-term basis, among the top companies on the European market.Turbochargers: KBB4000, Napier 295.


Advisory activities

For a proper operation of all types of turbochargers we offer a complete range of advisory activities.


Small turbochargers for biogas stations

Complete service, consultancy and sales of new turbochargers for biogas stations and Cummins Turbo Technologies (HOLSET), Garrett, BorgWarner (KKK & Schwitzer), ČZ Strakonice and MITSUBISHI.